Lendtable helps employees get their full 401(k) match and ESPP if they are not getting the entire benefit. To create a world class company, world class talent is paramount. We need to build a sharp team from a diverse set of backgrounds to tackle what is a very broad and diverse problem. Each new teammate needs to pass a high bar both technically and culturally, and we weigh both of these things as equally important. We will not sacrifice culture for technical fit and vice versa. Our team members need to be highly motivated, and represent our mission, vision, and values.

Our mission is to make it as hard as possible, to mess up your personal finances\
To make it so everyone can retire at 60 by helping them build generational wealth regardless of socio-economic background (race, gender, income, family)


Be worthy of trust
- We are working with people's money, it's paramount that they can trust us. That we are a good steward of that relationship, that our goal is to do right by our users.

Create real value
- Fundamentally we are here to help people with save and invest their money. We quantify our impact, we build products that we know will appreciably change the quality of life of our users, and we do not do transactions that are not in the best interest of our users.

No idea is too big
- We are here to fundamentally reshape personal-finance... To do that, it requires rethinking the way we build fintech products

Build quickly
- To build real value, we need real feedback. We build products quickly, so we can see it in the world and iterate.

  • Medical, Dental, and Vision Healthcare

  • Lendtable Stock Options

  • Free Lunch and Dinner

  • Office Snacks and Coffee

  • Quarterly Team Offsite

  • Yav Todorov


    “ I love solving hard technical problems by building well-designed products. Lendtable is doing just that. It's a team and idea I really believe in. ”

  • Celena Chong


    “ The best part of Lendtable is the team. I love coming in each day and working towards an important goal with bright people! ”

  • Isaiah de la Fuente

    Business Development

    “ Lendtable has been a phenomenal place to work. The culture is friendly and collaborative, and the mission keeps me coming back everyday. ”